DSME Group Sdn. Bhd.

Imfak Program Recycle Bin

Masjid Istiqamah Kampung Sri Langkas

23 April 2021, Friday – Recycling Bin handover infak program at Al -Istiqamah Mosque, Kg Sri Langkas, Puchong. The cooperation program with SWCorp and DSME Waste Management Company and began with a brief tazkirah by the Director of SWCorp Federal Territory, Tuan Mohd Zahir bin Shari before the sermon and Friday Prayer began.

Programme’s objective:

1. Cultivate the community to recycle, save and prosper the Environment.

2. Cultivate the nature of love and respect for the surrounding place.

3. The Income Generating Garbage Campaign is also given as an initiative to invigorate the recycling campaign, thus making the traditional village of zone 12 safer and cleaner.