The world's most advanced smart roll composter bin, embodying innovation, technology, design and quality. New Product - DSME Smart Roll Composter Bin (SRCB) DSME Smart Bin, DSME Smart Recycled Kiosk 3R, DSME Smart Outdoor Compactor. New DSME Products Product SRC, SWB dan Trashromper SRC, SWB,TRASHTROMPER MGB DSME Bin Injection molded from High Density Polyethlene (HDPE) is the first step towards advance, modern and efficient garbage collection systems Product Product Mobile Refuse Compactor Series RC (MRC) Multipulpose Compactor BH103 And Gun Storage System Product

We Are Committed To Heavy Duty

DSME Engineering Sdn Bhd has the expertise, the manpower, and the certifications that support and endorse the company performance levels and delivery standards. All we need presently is to leverage on these capacities to develop new markets overseas and to capitalize on local presence.

The company plans to widen the range of products and carry out Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services to our required customers with the view to broaden and increase our business entity in revenue streams.


To achieve sustainable waste management towards circular economy and create a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment through education, partnership and most effective environmental waste management systems. By 2030, we strive to be one of top five waste management company in the world as measured through key metrics such as on time performance, safety, profitability and customer satisfaction.


To be the global environmental waste management company most admired for its future innovation, efficiency, performance and education.


  • To deliver innovative design and R&D along with most efficient, highest quality and reliable manufacturer and services.
  • To improvise our current waste management system towards betterment of our economic, social and environmental aspects.
  • Develop and nurture people around the world into zero waste living through 3R; reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Towards secure, sustainable smart cities and the IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

Our Products

DSME Stationary Refuse Compactor (SRC)

DSME Refuse compactor series RC

DSME Spiral
Waste Bin

DSME Trashtromper
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